The Best Mobile Phone – The Vivo Y33S


VIVO YUSA Phone was launched on 9th August 2018. The phone is compatible with all the major handsets available in the market. It is also compatible with T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange. This makes it one of the few handsets available from any of these three companies that can work with all their network providers. The company claims to have brought out a new generation mobile phone that offers a modern feel and elegant design. The VIVO YUSA has a dual camera which is a first for a handset from this brand. vivo y33s

The manufacturer claims that it has used a new technology known as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) which gives an enhanced clarity and color accuracy to the camera. The result is that the pictures taken with the help of the camera to get a beautiful representation and appearance. The camera also has a very large screen, which allows easy viewing of the images. VIVO YUSA also incorporates a 5. PLA battery which is one of the largest available in the market. It can store enough power for about a day’s usage.

One of the features of this handset is that it can be equipped with both rear and front cameras through the use of an expandable memory card. There are two types of memory card available with this handset – one is compatible with the USD/CHF format and another with MMC compatible format. The latter is the cheaper of the two. The Vivo Y33S also has a single speaker in the front and a vibrator in the back of the hand designed by Oli Sykes.

The Vivo Y33S features a nice dual SIM tray allowing two different SIM cards to be inserted into the phone. It offers a slot for an internal or external SIM card as well. The phone comes with an expandable memory card, which is helpful as you do not always use all the memory that is provided by the handset. You can add more memory as required. The handset comes with an efficient dual-core processor, which means it is capable of running applications quickly.

The Vivo Y33S has a nice dual-camera setup, with both the front and rear cameras being equipped with phase-detection auto focus technology. The phone also features dual-tone LCD display, and it sports a nice rounder navigation key which makes it easier to access various options on the phone. The Vivo Y33S comes complete with android operating system 4.3, and it runs on a single 2G band, so is compatible with any GSM carrier in the UK. The vivo y33s runs on a dual-core processor, which means it is capable of running applications quickly.

The handset comes with an innovative security feature called BitDefender. With this security feature, BitDefender instantly blocks any suspicious activity being done online. The anti-spyware app installed on the phone also helps in detecting and deleting any intruders trying to gain access to your internal storage. The vivo y33s comes with a nice feature rich phone and with a price tag to match, it is surely a winner.

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