Top 10 Amazing sofa deep cleaning hacks

The most comfortable place in our house after our bedroom is the living room where we chill and hang out on our sofas. Sofas bring us comfort and are decor in the living room. So, unlike other furniture, they need to be maintained too. 


When it comes to cleaning services in Delhi sofas, we are not professionals and may mess things up. But with these 10 amazing sofa deep cleaning hacks, your life would be so much easier. Sofas come in various fabrics. Before cleaning we need to identify the fabric used and what code it has for cleaning. 

The codes usually used are:-

  • W – This means water can be used for cleaning.
  • WS – This means a dry detergent or mild detergent and steam vacuum can be used.
  • X – This means no water and no vacuum can be used.
  • S – This means only dry cleaner detergent can be used.


Before jumping into deep cleaning hacks, you should know the basic cleaning methods which can be done once every week to maintain your sofa.

  • Dry brush –  A dry brush can be used to loosen the fabrics and dirt.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Clean up the loosened items you did with a dry brush and clean the visible dirt stuck in the portions of the couch.
  • Changing Cushion – You can change the cushion covers regularly or can switch cushions too.
  • Control odour – Sofas absorb body odour, odours from the kitchen, your pet’s odour and what not. Altogether, it gets House Cleaning Services in Gurgaon disgustingly there. So, to control that there are various odour control products in the market or you can DIY something with baking soda and then vacuum it finely.
  • Make repairs – The tears and rips make the sofa look not so appealing. So fix them first because the tears make the fabric fragile day by day.

Sometimes these basic cleansing options are not suitable to rinse off the dirt and unremovable stains. To remove those stains you can go for the following steps:-

  • With Baking Soda – To use baking soda on your sofa first, you need to test your fabric. You need to see if it is suitable for your fabric or not. Then clean the sofa with a brush first and then sprinkle some baking soda. You can mix some carpet cleaner too. After 25 to 30 mins dust it off with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Using Soap Water – Most of the fabrics are comfortable with soap water but still check up once. Using soap water can really help to remove the food stains or deeply embedded stains.
  • Using Vinegar – A mixture of warm water, vinegar and dish wash can help you to get rid of unwanted stains on your sofa.
  • Using rubbing alcohol – For deep stains like ink stain rubbing alcohol is perfect. Check your sofas cleaning code before using and if it is suitable for your sofa then grab a paper towel or a clean cloth, place House Cleaning Services in Hyderabad it on the stain and dab it with the paper towel or with a cloth. Do not try to scrub it as it will lead to further spread of the stain.
  • Using sparkling water – Stubborn marks like that of red wine, sparkling water works the best. To remove a red wine stain from your sofa, grab a clean cloth ( not of any colour, to not spread that colour again) or a paper towel House Cleaning Services in Bengaluru and place it on the stain. Pour some sparkling water and then dab the place. Do not rub the towel as it will spread again. Sprinkle some salt to get the best results. 
  • Using clothing stain remover – Most of the stains when tried to remove quickly, it fades. The clothing stain remover is the cheapest and efficient thing you’ll have in your house. Place some paper towel or a clean cloth on the stain and add some clothing stain remover. To avoid further spreading, don’t rub it. You can sprinkle some salt too to get the best result.
  • Coconut Oil – For leather sofas, coconut oil is the best ingredient to remove stains.
  • Using cornstarch – To remove grease stains from the leather sofa, cornstarch works best.
  • Using Tape – Even the most expensive vacuum cleaners fail to extract all the pet hairs from the sofa. Use tape to remove them quickly.
  • Get help from cleaning services –  The last thing you can do is get help from cleaning services to clean your sofa. Many companies are available for these kinds of services. Book one of them and your work is done.


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